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Sri Paramahamsa Atharva Ayurdhama

Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center

Apart from rendering valuable service in alleviating the sufferings and providing optimal health solutions, the SriPAA group has branched itself into various related fields. The conglomeration of many ventures under the shade of the SriPAA group facilitates efficient functioning in specific areas. SriPAA is a pioneer in promoting research and evidence based Ayurveda. The knowledge acquired through tradition is rendered with a modern touch by constantly innovating and adopting the classical treatments to suit the present needs of the healthcare system.

Our Authentic Certified Ayurvedic Doctor

Thousands of patients have been treated by SriPAA’s internal team of doctors:


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Life Support Treatments


Sever excruating pain in abdomen, lower back, legs during menstrual cycle.

Vericose Vains

Varicose veins are usually bulging, bluish cords running just beneath...

Pre Diabetes

In Ayurveda 20 types of Prameha are explained.


Any kind of inflammation, irritation or erosion issues on smooth lining of...


Restricted movement and pain in cervical region , headache ,dragging pain...

Allergic Rhinitis

llergic rhinitis is the hyperactive response of our immune


According to modern health science if the...


Modern science define “migraine as an idiopathic...

Fatty Liver

he liver is a large, meaty organ that sits on the right side of...

What We Treat

Our Ayurvedic Treatment Centers offer individualized treatment plans for each person’s specific needs.

Paediatric Care

Gynecological Care

Liver Care

Autoimmune Care

Geriatric Care

Age related issues

Metabolic Disorders

Metabolical Care

Cardiac Care

Respiratory Care

Gastro-Intestinal Care

Ano Rectal Care

Skin & Hair Care

Vascular Care

Neuro Care

Garbha Care

Joint Care

Dr. Mallikarjuna Dambala B.Sc., B. A. M. S

Our Founder

Dr. Mallikarjuna Dambala is one among the direct disciples of great Ayurveda master Late Sir Dr. M. Eshwara Reddy in Taranath Government Ayurveda Medical College, Bellary. He acquired his degrees both B.Sc and B. A. M. S from Gulbarga University, Karnataka.

Dr. M. Dambala is a person who carries and cares for well being of the whole world in his heart always. So he always works for the betterment of the health of everyone ever. He was intended to focus and practice Ayurveda regarding food and regimen those which cause health and those which cause damage to health by his beloved Guru Dr. M Eshwara Reddy for this new era of various junk foods. And he achieved it in the practice field. He always has dedicated his life to following the motto of Ayurveda – SWASTHASYA SWASTHYA RAKSHANAM. ATHURASYA VIKARA PRASHAMANAM. – i.e., keeping one’s health in good status and recovering disease done from the disease.

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Ayurvedic Treatment Centers for Long-Term Recovery

We have locations in multiple states, including Shimoga, Davangere and kangra, where we offer evidence-based treatment in a setting that will be restorative for you.

Experience The Natural Way of Healing With SriPAA In Shimoga, India

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means “knowledge of life.” We at SriPAA, Shimoga encourage certain lifestyle interventions and natural therapies to regain a balance between the body, mind, spirit, and environment, based on the theory that disease is caused by an imbalance or stress in a person’s consciousness. Internal purification is the first step in SriPAA Ayurveda’s treatment, followed by a special diet, herbal remedies, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation.

Get Relieved from Head To Toe With SriPAA, Devanagere

At SriPAA, Devanagere, we focus on balancing the three body doshas or systems, which are the Vata dosha, Kapha dosha, and Pitta dosha, for both prevention and cure of the condition. Our body’s physical, mental, and spiritual health improves as a result of balancing these three doshas or systems, which improves overall quality of life.

Reduce your symptoms and re-establish harmony and balance in your life with SriPAA, Kangra

At SriPAA, Kangra Physician does not confine himself to treating a single symptom; instead, he examines the patient’s overall body composition, spiritual orientation, mental wellbeing, and other factors in order to provide a comprehensive cure and restore balance to the human system.

Rejuvenate Yourself with Soulful Healing At SriPAA, Dharmashala

We have carefully curated a range of customized ayurvedic treatments and other interventions at Sripaa Ayurveda to meet your individual needs. Wellness, care, and curative programmes are some of the most common types of healing interventions.

Doctor is the one who spread the knowledge to safeguard our body

Dr. Mallikarjuna DambalaFounder of SriPAA

Our Recent Ayurvedic Articles

We have locations in multiple states, including Shimoga, Davangere and kangra, where we offer evidence-based treatment in a setting that will be restorative for you.

Healing Stories

Our visitor’s praise and appreciations during their stay at SriPAA – Ayurvedic Hospitals and Research Center

Anand Dhanu

Our India and especially Karnataka have the credit of having prepared a very useful decoction during the Covid 19 and saved the lives of the people without any profit or profit. Thanks Dr. They have Mallikarjuna Dambala. Hagaribommanahalli Anand

Vidyasagar R

Doctor is Friendly. Specific. Kind hearted. Simplifies complexities. Provides enlightening thoughts from the Heart. One of the best. Diagnosis is good. Medicines are helpful. Staff were supportive too. Needed in all times of life.


Atharva Ayurdhama is one of the best Ayurveda Hospital located in Kangra, Himachal . Dr. Naveen is a very good Ayurvedic doctor as well as amazing person. He is Amazing and incomparable in his job and is doing a lot for the society. Must consult if you are looking for Ayurveda Treatment.

Vasanth Srinivasa

Dr Mallikarjun Dambal provides you an in depth Diagnosis, treatment & Recovery of any ailment which is not treatable by English or Allopathy medicine. From simple ailments like gastric, acidity which keeps haunting people forever is treated completely, to complex & life threatening ailments like spondylitis, liver hepatitis etc have been treated successfully.

We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life

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