Swasthya Vamana

Expelling the vitiated doshas from each cell of the body by breaking their chain by administering the medicines which are not harmful to the body. This procedure of evacuating the doshas by vomiting is known as “VAMANA”.

Importance of swasthya vamana treatment:

The factor which helps for the nourishment of the body is known as “Kapha” in Ayurveda.

This Kapha is not one which we spit through the mouth, this is not visible for our eyes.

These nourishing factors start to get visitation and accumulate in the body throughout the year due to, aging, impairment in physical exercise, intake of unhealthy food, intake of vitiated food, impairment in sleep, etc…

Due to the influence of Kala (season), these accumulated vitiated doshas start to come out. We should remove these vitiated doshas from the body in a suitable time, for this our “mouth” is the best path.

To remove these doshas from vomiting, in Ayurveda there are around 245 different medicated formulations are there. Out of these with the help of suitable formulations doctor will remove the disease from the root level by vomiting.


In those places doctor re-establish the nourishing factors, thereby he helps the body to regain strength for the long-lasting period by refilling the energy at the cellular level.

This kind of supreme treatment is available only in Ayurveda.

The suitable period for Swastyha Vamana:

Shravane karthike chaitre…. Doshan vishodhayet 33 34,35

Swastha vruttam abhipretya …. 35
-Ashtanga hrudaya, sootra stana-13

Due to the influence of vasanta rutu there will be aggrevation of kapha in the body , at that time , during the chaitra masa ,means in the month of April we should evacuate the vitiated kapha from the body through ‘vamana’ treatment. By doing this, we can prevent the upcoming hundreds of diseases.

It is impossible to buy health in the savings of health insurance. But, unfortunately we have accepted the diseases and untime death.

It is supreme to undergo for all 3 panchakrama treatment once in a year.

The benefits of Vamana treatment:

  1. The body will become light and one can feel activeness
  2. One can have healthy and fit body
  3. Digestion power will increase.
  4. As tamas which is resided in the kapha (pritvi-aap) liquefies and comes out , manas will be free from laziness and it will become active and alert.
  1. One’s intelligence will increase.
  2. Grasping power will increase
  3. Diseases will eradicate from the root level, as there are no such favorable factors remains to nourish the disease-causing factors.
  4. To prevent the upcoming many diseases today only, this is the best line of treatment.

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If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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