Swasthya Virechana

The process of breaking the chain of vitiated doshas and removing them from the cells and expelling them through the defecation is known as “Virechana”.

Out panchakarma treatments, this is one of the supreme and easier ones.

Why this is supreme?

Virechana treatment mainly treats the Agni ( Pitta). Agni is known as the factor which is essential to maintain keep the body stable and it includes all the enzymes and their locations.

Virechana also expells the Kapha in minimum quantity. Kapha is a bunch of “nourishing chemicals” which are essential for cellular growth and to refill the erosion and Virechana helps to maintain the action of Vata in its location which is a very minute and powerful factor to stabilize the harmonies and helpful in proper nerve function.

Likewise, as swasthya virechana influence all 3 doshas it is known as a noble treatment.

It is easier treatment:
Without harming the body it, in turn, makes the body lighter and keeps active always and one can undergo this treatment with all routine works.

Which is the best time /season for virechana treatment?

Shravane karthike chaitre ….doshan vishodayet 33 34,35
Swastha vruttham abiprethya …..35
– Ashtanga hrudaya, sootra sthana-13

By the influence of Sharad Ritu pitta aggravates in the body, then during Kartika masa (season) means in the month of November we should evacuate the vitiated pitta from the body.
Due to this, we can prevent many upcoming diseases due to vitiated Vata, pitta, Kapha.

We can’t buy health in the savings of health insurance. But unfortunately, we have accepted the diseases and untimely deaths.

It is the best thing to undergo for all 3 kinds of swasthya panchakarma testaments yearly. But, undergoing virechana treatment 7 days a year is supreme.

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Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Dr Mallikarjun Dambal provides you an in depth Diagnosis, treatment & Recovery of any ailment which is not treatable by English or Allopathy medicine. From simple ailments like gastric, acidity which keeps haunting people forever is treated completely, to complex & life threatening ailments like spondylitis, liver hepatitis etc have been treated successfully.

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