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Why are people with low immunity more prone to infection

By January 9, 2022January 12th, 2022Immunity

A properly working Immune system fights to clear the infection and other foreign agents from the body. People with weak immune systems are more likely to get a different infection as food born, environmental factors, external exposure to bacteria or viruses. For example, if our Army is weak and could not respond on time to the external attack then the enemy will overpower us, and same way if our police are weak then bad elements of the society can harm the Civilians and create unrest in the society.

The Immune system gets weak due to different reasons as:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Poor Diet
  • Low digestive capacity
  • Exposure to Pollution
  • Overeating
  • Synthetic and chemical food
  • Excessive exposure to pesticides
  • Irregular sleeping habits
  • Some chronic disease

These are a few examples that will disturb the natural harmony of the body and your response to the body’s defense system (immunity)gets weak.

So a body with a poor immune system can eliminate the infection-causing agents.

As we have noticed in our day-to-day practice people with poor diet and lifestyle have more complications on exposure to infection than the one with a good diet and lifestyle.

It means to say that anybody can get exposed to infection and may get infected but the key is how early he recovers from the disease without much complication.

Ayurveda is used to maintain health and treat diseases.

The following methods for maintaining health and treating ailments are described in Ayurveda.

  1. Nutritional Diets
  2. Personal and social hygiene regimens include daily routines (Dinacharya) and seasonal regimens (Ritucharya), as well as basic cleanliness and a healthy living environment.

Nutritional Diets

A healthy diet can help you avoid or treat a lot of common health concerns. It is necessary to follow the steps below.



  • Boiling, steaming, grilling, and other culinary methods can be used.
  • Include more seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables into your diet if they are available locally.
  • Eat food that has been freshly prepared whenever possible. When food is Reheated or refrigerated, it loses its taste and nutrients.
  • Don’t skip mealtimes; eat when you’re hungry. Make it a habit to eat at set times throughout the day.
  • Limit your intake of ghee and oils and avoid fried foods. Cook the vegetables with the least amount of oil possible.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages (cola) and fast/junk meals (Chips, burgers, samosa, pizza, etc.).
  • Increase your intake of milk, buttermilk, Lassi, coconut water, and other dairy products.
  • Roti can be made with whole wheat flour (without sieving). Roti produced from jowar, bajra, ragi, and maize (Macca) have a lot of fiber. White bread, nan, roomali roti, and other maida-based foods should be used rarely.
  • After each meal, properly cleanse your mouth and hands. Diet is one of the most significant components in Ayurveda, according to which it has a direct impact on the three Doshas.

Personal and social hygiene

Personal and social hygiene can be maintained by following the guidelines outlined below for Dinacharya (daily routine), Ritucharya (seasonal regimens), and Sadvritta (excellent behavior).

Daily routine (Dinacharya’s)

It’s best to perform it between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., during the Kapha period of the day, when you have the most strength, steadiness, and fortitude.


  • Wake up at least 1 hour before the sun rises.
  • Drink a glass of warm or room temperature water. It’s perfect with lemon.
  • Using cold water, squirt it on your face. Finish your skin-care regimen.
  • Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue. This clears your tongue of ama or impurities. It also acts as a digestive stimulation.
  • Consider incorporating oil pulling into your oral hygiene routine. Gums can be strengthened, teeth can be whitened, plaque can be removed, enamel can be rebuilt, toxins can be drawn out of the body, bad breath can be eliminated, and TMJ symptoms can be relieved. Different Oils like Ayudantham Medicate cleanses the mouth by pulling out various toxins and keeping the mouth free of various diseases like gingivitis, bad breath, etc.
  • Within an hour of awakening, empty your bowels and bladder.
  • Light yoga for 10-15 minutes. Different sequences will assist different dosha kinds. Integrate some pranayama (breathing exercises) into your flow.
  • Meditation for ten minutes.
  • Take a shower or a bath.
  • Following your shower, give yourself a light oil massage.
  • Breakfast should be light and adapted to your dosha type.

2. Routines by season (Ritucharya)

Ritucharya enables us to increase our physical and mental power in order to combat illnesses that may arise as a result of seasonal changes. It also maintains our fitness and health throughout the year by balancing the three doshas in our bodies.

Summertime tips to beat the heat

  • Drink plenty of liquids throughout the day, such as coconut water, sugarcane juice, buttermilk, or at least ten glasses of water.
  • Consume light foods such as fruits, salads, soups, and buttermilk instead of hot, spicy, oily meals.
  • Wear light-colored cotton garments, loose-fitting.
  • Quit smoking since it can restrict blood vessels and decrease your capacity to acclimate to the heat.

Monsoon’s negative impacts and how to counter them

  • Summer is a time when the body is weaker due to dehydration. In addition, the digestive system is weakened. It gets weakened even more when it rains. As a result, it is best to have a balanced diet during the rainy season.
  • Make use of safe drinking water ( (boiled and cooled).
  • Wear light, clean clothing and keep the rooms as dry as possible.
  • Sleeping during the day should be avoided.
  • After a spell of rain, avoid excessive exercise and moving around in the sun.

How to Get Rid of the Winter Cold

  • During the winter, the digestive system strengthens and it can effectively digest heavy and large quantities of food.
  • During the winter, massaging the skin with mustard oil is beneficial.
  • Green vegetables and seasonal fruits should be consumed in large quantities.
  • Cold meals should be avoided.
  • Ghee/cream of milk is beneficial for cracked lips.

If we don’t follow the above, the immune system gets weak.

Some diseases like cancer, HIV, Autoimmune diabetes, Fatty liver, Hypertension, also make the immune system weak because these diseases affect various organs causing them not to function properly and making the body prone to infection and delayed recovery.

Some medications like steroids, immunosuppressive therapy, and chemotherapy also disturb the immune system, making it weak, the body gets infected easily and does not recover well.
So, if we need to protect ourselves during the critical time of infection then we must follow all the rules of nature.

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