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High Cholesterol Problems Help Yourself With Ayurveda

By January 9, 2022January 11th, 2022Immunity

Cholesterol what we know is the “Amount of lipids (fat) present in the Serum(Blood)”

But Ayurveda mentioned this as “Medas and Kleda” The real fat that is present in our body is very much essential to produce hormones to give strength and maintain specific internal temperature to protect our body from infection.

If anyone having less amount of qualitative fat is more prone to infection.

I am not talking about good or bad cholesterol (HDL or LDL), this is about which is not only present in the blood flow but the entire body fat is also called “Medha Dhathu” the 4th and important middle-order supportive structure.

But unfortunately, we are in that state “the word Cholesterol will unknowingly create fear in our mind” the reason behind this is our food & lifestyle and the wrong knowledge we are getting from medical schools.

Nowadays What we are facing is “Fatty Liver” and we and also the medical schools are neglecting this basic victim.

Liver is the fundamental organ to digest and distribute the fat that we are eating, but King himself is trapped by this fat due to lesser physical activities and eating qualitative/energetic food daily and also eating junk or fried foods in routine with many sips of coffee and tea. The result is Fatty Liver, the mother of all fat-influenced disorders.

The worst way to handle the increased cholesterol is Statin drugs!! Yes, these drugs may reduce your blood cholesterol but at the same time they create dryness in the blood vessels, joints, and nervous system, this is the main cause of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Only Low or Badly stored fat allows the virus and bacterias are to take shelter in our body. Think to yourself, what is the remedy? To increase the qualitative ‘Medha Dhatu’ the fat.

What is Ayurveda opinion on this:

The energy that we push into our body through food must be proportional to our physical activity or should engulf the food based on our physical activity.

The energy always accumulates in the form of fat if it is not useful or more in quantity then Ayurveda calls it “Kleda” the bad fat & unwanted energy called “Sankleda” both give good shelter to any kind of infection and create blocking of many channels.

Definitely SAY NO to Statin tablets:

Statin drugs reduce your blood cholesterol, but which again creates dryness, thus altering the hormone production and even helping to block the channels!!!

What is the remedy:

* Eat balanced diet means which includes fat, proteins with very good Amount of carbohydrates too

* Routinely do physical exercise activities till you start sweating.

* Need proper and in time sleep

* Removal of unwanted energy in the form of fat or protein by yearly “Healthy Panchakarma” therapies.

* Must avoid Maida-based foods like Bakery items and Biscuits.

* Must avoid the food prepared out of palm oils and refined oils.

* One must do physical activities without which one can not get any kind of benefits out of good/organic/fresh foods also.

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